Southeast Christian Church

Our Mission

Connecting people to Jesus and one another


Our Vision

To be a praying church who reaches out and challenges everyone to follow Jesus completely


Our Strategies

    1. IMPACTING the region by gathering together for Biblical preaching, authentic worship, and faithful prayer
      | Watch the sermon IMPACT the Region


    1. BUILDING spiritually healthy homes by equipping Godly men to lead and pray for their family
      | Watch the sermon BUILD Spiritually Healthy Homes


    1. DEEPENING followers through Bible study, discipleship, service, and prayer
      | Watch the sermon DEEPEN Followers


    1. SERVING the community by going to them in the name of Jesus
      | Watch the sermon SERVE the Community


    1. ADVANCING the Kingdom by praying, sending, partnering, and planting
      | Watch the sermon ADVANCE the Kingdom


    1. AWAKENING the next generation by investing in them now
      | Watch the sermon AWAKEN the Next Generation

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