If you think you can’t afford to be insured, think again….

You know that getting coverage for yourself and your loved ones is important to protect your health. But did you know that you might qualify for payment assistance through Kynect – even if you’re already covered? Only Kynect can provide discounted rates on your coverage. If you haven’t signed up, the time is now to protect yourself and those that you love.

Schedule appointment to enroll with Kynect at Shawnee Christian Healthcare Center today!  Our employees have passed the Kynector test for certification to enroll uninsured patients, and are excited to serve our community!  The enrollment process can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, but is well worth it.

To make an appointment or have any of your questions answered, please call SCHC at (502) 778-0001 or email Anne Peak, Director of Patient and Community Engagement, at

For the latest information on the Affordable Care Act and Kynect click here.